Crypto-Magique Inc. - Personnel

Crypto-Magique Inc. is looking for people that like computers, code, network, freedom, independence, privacy, open source, providence, luck, synchronicity, creative projects and of course people and working to build great things together, dedicated, loyal, resourceful, enthusiastic and even noble.

This is a noble cause, cause and effect are a reality, so is the unknown variable "x" that we allow for, that takes us beyond the program, beyond the matrix of perceived reality, beyond the staus quo of what is or our ideas about the limitations we perceive to be true, at our existing level of awareness, we go forward, beyond present limitations and performance characteristics, individually, technologically, professionally and spiritually, in the sense of character that is required to build a civilized advanced civilizaton. We learn, we grow, we go forward with continuous improvement, like the knights of the round table, character, competence and creativity, we transform reality.

We can predict the future, because we are creating it. Who knows who will have th next moment, an epic transformaton of consciousness, an enhanced and expanded perspective, awareness, perception, understanding, connection, more creative and dynamic code, brilliant technical genius in electronics, circuits, topography, processing, reliability, response-ability? You the individual, more than a piece to the puzzle, or an exponential particle wave drive amplifier, you the individual that can make a difference, by powerful freedom of choice, some heart and soul, your vision, gift and ability.

You might really like all the awesome things created here for you. It goes beyond working share ownership, intellectual property and super solid asset protection, individual creative imagination, co-creative opportunities in an environment conducive so that you can expess the best of who you are. The opportunity here is integrated, enabled, amplified, something magical, liberating, empowering.

What we don't know, we will find out by discovery, what we don't have, we will acquire, custom build or invent out of the thin air of imagination, we go forward with everyday courage, ordinary people doing extra-ordinary things, on fire with purpose, energy, enthusiasm, pure determination, resolution, focus and vision, something more than only an everyday robot job, something alive, you the individual, expessing the best of who you are.