Crypto-Magique Inc. - Vision

Really awesome computers, hardware, software, communications and of course, encryption.
This website as it is now, is only the start. More awesome things are on the way to you. Drupal, MariaDB and LXD Containers and the programs and projects, products and services are all envisioned. We hope and work towards having the right resources and people to be part of this ambitious project. If you have other ideas, better ideas, or a particular skill, contact us.

Even as we sometimes know better, we do not always do better, like this website, it is an idea, started with very little...sometimes it is a matter of resources, time, expertise and money, and all those things that compete for our time, attention, resources and response-ability, and the things in our heart and soul that the mind knows nothing about as the saying goes. I feel like I’m stuck in first gear, maybe frozen in the ice age...time is really weird with me. As Yoda said, “do or do not, there is no try” so, it is a challenging and ambitious effort, as for me there is at least 200 million people who understand code, computers, security and hacking, better than me, that’s ok since I focus on what I really like, where the genius awakes and the neurons light up. I understand that there is a problem, I want to be part of the solution, and even go much more beyond existing systems, in the name of freedom, the individual, personal privacy, open source, decentralization, trust but verify, real authentication, imagination, creativity, a real authentic life, freedom of communication and all those things we value. Some do not like it, too bad.

So this is an initial start, and things can change quickly, I hope that good competent people step up to the plate, the CPU and as knights of the integrated circuit, to make a difference. This task is too great for one person, but the vision and the start is essential, action is essential, the “one day and someday” just does not cut it at all, it never did and never will. Today is what is important, as I have no idea about tomorrow than what I hope for or something better. The spirit of co-operation is essential, response-ability is like personal responsibility, initiative, endeavour, enterprise, deployable assets, resources, energy, ideas, connections, promote, engage, recruit...some of the things that make the wheels go round, energy, velocity, agility, momentum, impetus, resourcefulness...eventually, in a moment anything is possible.

Since we are all lucky to know other people, we find some with the same interests, and with that we hope more people can be involved. People can be compensated, unlimited common shares for starters can be issued. This can generate revenue, asset protection is enabled, assets in trust, awesome capabilities that the average person never knows anything about, freedom to protect what is yours. Products, services, technology, licensing, intellectual property and open source options all offer incredible potential. Capital structure and securities can generate revenue, investment is manifold and goes beyond money and includes time, expertise, resources, other types of assets and so on.

People can join and get involved, they don’t need to write code or fix computers, but they need to want to be part of the solution. Contribution, investing, money in trust, conditional sales and/or acquisition contracts or agreements, direct and co-development options are possible.

So for me, I confess my limitation, computer language and codes are not my expertise. Neither are websites. I like them and appreciate them, but that is not my gift. My vision and gift is about the enterprise, my code is about capital structure and securities and in particular how it relates to private equity and venture capital, and this is all based on free enterprise, making promises I can keep and fulfilling those promises. My code involves freedom, personal responsibility and even duty to help those who can or can’t help themselves. Complex problems require solutions, part of my job is to make that possible, to go in that direction. Accountability is essential, open source and brilliant ideas, creative imagination and new developments in computers, hardware, software and thinking is required. Some people get it and some people don’t. My job is to get the point across and make progress, create awareness, expand perspective and perception and get people thinking in greater detail, a higher level, a new dimension, to build that alternate reality, something we can have by choice.

Everything available here initially will be superseding by something awesome. If I can find someone to do that, and help with this noble, courageous and urgent endeavour, great, if not, I will at my own time, but I promise one thing, it will be transformed into something much better and I hope to work with great people to build awesome things together.