Crypto-Magique Inc. - Projects

Technology (go to : - As-Garde Machine and Mecatronics Inc.)
Enterprise Super Workstation - awesome
Executive Super Laptop

CMI Executive Super Open Laptop - design engineering
CMI Crypto-Magique Inc. Pocket Crypto-Magique Inc. Module

● Graphics Processing Unit - GPU
● dedicated graphics card, 3D and accelerated video decoding
● GPUGP - general purpose and stream processing
● external GPU - more upgradable exciting options

● custom and production USB open source wifi devices for “modified” computers;
Notes: the vast majority of wifi routers are proprietary, are easily hacked, or utilized by communication companies to access your computers and electronic communication very easily, even if you think you disabled the wifi...there are many problems remaining most people know nothing about.

● open source BIOS programming - multi-chip re-engineering campaign;
● open source software, hardware and computers ;
● aerospace, marine, enterprise, financial, personal ;
● communications projects, radio, video, phone - transceiver ;
● digital and analog free communication ;
● prime and co-development, OEM, secure supply chain ;

● Independent Communications: How would you like true independent off the grid telephone and communications, no satellite, no wifi, no microwave, zero gps or geo-location, omni-directional, stealth and computer/phone to computer/phone, no genocide microwave biohazard technology, no outrageous phone or internet bill, mobility, agility and versatile?

● Open source portable phone, computers and communication hardware and software - invest, contribute, custom build

Imagine the possibilities…imagine the freedom…imagine the privacy and independence…imagine empowering others and yourself to build great things together…imagine the happiness and peace of mind, the loyalty and trust, the confidence from knowing your friends, allies, family and people you know, care about, working in an environment conducive to peak performance, freedom, independence, prosperity and trust, truth and true values…

In the beginning, the alpha and omega, any choice point on any time line, any space time continuum, one thing remains…let "x' be the variable…

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