Crypto-Magique Inc. - Investment and Transactions - General Introduction

For the people investing, certainly it is envisioned that common shares can be issued to key personnel, in addition to people who join as members, and other types of membership. Various accounts, profit sharing options, dividends and other types of compensation are possible, even for someone not investing. More details are available to private members concerning private equity and venture capital, asset protection and management and an incredible range of options concerning capital structure and securities, plus options for business, enterprise, technology, products and services.

Key people, are the people that are or become a part of this enterprise. This can work as a bonus to acquire or retain personnel, and also add compensation and of course build a greater more relevant investment portfolio. All the corresponding securities and transactions are possible with various ownership, control, voting and management options.

This is not available everywhere, but it is part of this enterprise built in at the beginning. Many kinds of revenue streams can be created, so that the various forms of investment, not just time or money, such as intellectual capital can create greater wealth and strategic enterprise development. With this ideal, the exchange of time for money will be amplified and new ways of creating wealth will be normal, challenging for some, and rewarding for all. This is long term thinking, revenue streams, bonus, new opportunities and corresponding associated revenue streams with that, it can get better.

Furthermore, a new and better strategy is required to avoid burnout, too many hours. With the money and revenue in place, resources can exist to compensate people immediately, in addition to those associated revenue streams. That is all part of the code...the wealth generating code. No employees, no unions, no super imposed over control, only freedom and common vision, unity of purpose.

The common vision involves working share owners, private investors with expertise...that is where it is at. Investors can transform their investment into greater wealth by various means depending on the capital structure or securities, and also greater opportunity in the future. Investors have financial and non-financial investment contributions...this goes way beyond traditional stock market operations.

For individuals involved in private equity and venture capital, and those who participate in a development and or buying group, there really are no limits as to what is possible, especially as everything is always in trust with provisions for transactions. Keep things simple, dynamic, awesome, relevant and rewarding. Business and financial communications privacy for personal, enterprise, industry and national security is essential.

Capital structure, which has various types of securities, can be utilized or acquired, depending on preference, needs, availability or otherwise. Securities that are in trust in with various entities that may be utilized for private equity and venture capital, where private active membership exists, enables all kinds of awesome advantages.

Intellectual, financial or non-financial capital is always protected and always in trust, a private investor can be a co-trustee, and as a result, with the confidence where you have power and control, greater integrity is possible, as with an open source operating system with all the aspects of hardware, software, communication and everything you can imagine. So, no matter what happens to you in your life, the assets you have and the wealth you build, regardless of the type and amount of investment, is always in your command and control and has awesome provision for any type of scenario, just to ensure that what you want is the way it is, always.

For those that need to know, hard currency is legal tender and is always an option. Regardless of the investment currency, transaction records are always provided, and all the details that go along with that, so the confidence, trust and performance of anything can always be validated, just like good open source code can be, the trust and verify audit is something you can write home about.

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