Crypto-Magique Inc. - Above National Security :
Peace and War Vector Scenarios, Mission Tasking
Defence Vehicle, Technology, Integrated Weapons & Logistics
National and Civil Defence Logistics - C5 Integrated
Intel, Signal Processing, pro-active & counter measures
Production, capacity, stockpiles, optimisation, asset deployment
● Signal & bio-weapon deployment analysis

Operation: Ice Berg - under the surface, subliminal & covert
● Integrity: trust but verify, speculate, research and validate

CoronaVirus 5G - aka COVID-19 problems: declassified - urgent
Operaton: Glacial Pace * see Notes:
● Spot the trend, connect the dots, solve the anomalous riddle

CoronaVirus, Microwave and 5G bio-weapon notes:

Glacial Pace Notes: investigating signals, frequencies & media;
● implicated, supected or other intel concerning the following;
● Coronovirus 5G, isolaton and trauma based mind control;
● Coronavirus 5G mass media mind control & hypnosis;
● Investigating microwave & 5G beam forming : reconnaisance;
● Requested and Enforced Lockdown: ulterior motives & agendas;
● Enforced sleep and sleep cycle, apathy, stagnation, depression etc.
● Illegal "medical experimentation", anxiety, stress, panic, fear, doom;
● Anyone with unusual sleep and fatigue since the CoronaVirus 5G;
● Remedies, counter-measures, war vector scenarios and tasking;
● Coincides with: genocide, do nothing, be nothing, achieve nothing;
● integrates with: have nothing, question nothing, conform, submit, die;
● augmented by globalist sociopathic obsession with:
● Individual imagination, your balls, brain cells and bank account;
● shutting down the global economy, anti-nation state agendas;
● increased magnitude risks of: excess sleep, coma and death

● Please contact: Crypto-Magique Inc. or with:
● Corresponding research with : (and classified)

● If you look for it, you will find it…obviously not cryptic or encrypted…
● also related to microwave and 5G, 4G, 3G etc.
● tower signal levels, frequencies, fluctuations, duration and cycles etc.;
● wifi, modems, routers, cell phone, compact fluorescent lighting, fluctuations etc.
● EMF, RF, and other classified and not so classified signals
● weather control device deployment, chem trail;
● automobile & jet fuel emissions pollution analysis;
● rogue agent, rogue state military or paramilitary or globalist agitators;
● national and international signal processing, special ops, intel swaps
● ZZZZzzzz…..just kidding….zzzzzz :-)
● people without a conscience are very predictable….zzzzzzz
● What are friends for eh? A national security risk, it is…
● Where is that guy who does astral time travel? He will figure it out, right?

Operation: Sabre toothed tiger: target location, ID & tasking
● counter-measures for crime, treason, genocide, war & immorality

Spot the Dog: target acquisition & precision logistics

Operation: Ice Hut
The Invisible Enemy: National and International Projects

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