Crypto-Magique Inc. - Enterprise

Connections with individuals and enterprise to create new wealth, new opportunities, new solutions is the basic idea. Referrals of expertise is another idea, getting people involved in a project, and those taking the initiative to launch a campaign, do a fundraiser, acquire funds to finance a particular project are all things we can be involved in.

Many people work tirelessly at something, dedicated to a noble and worthy venture, something needed, urgent, desired, wanted...yes, sounds like the goddess of encryption, send me a photo please….an alphanumeric cascade of code, my kind of language or something like that...

It is true that many hands make light work, and there are many projects and people that could use extra resources, maybe even pizza and beer here and there, all for a good cause. This could be a new sport, but remember, we all need to do work, sports, exercise, get the metabolism cranked up, get in shape, fuel the body and the we rest mentally we work physically, as we work physically we rest mentally, we experience peak performance and brilliant strokes of genius can happen at anytime, with anyone. Anyone can make a difference...the individual is paramount, the peak experience unequalled in the history of the world, is something we can experience more and more of. Being in your zone of interest is where the action is, everything thing is alive, the neurons and every cell, the dedicated individual and people working to build great things together.

So here, we go forward with our many ideas of enterprise, a humble start is a lot better than to succeed at doing nothing, and it is better to do something, even if it is just the spark…sometimes it takes a while, and in reality, there is a time and place for everyone and everything.