Crypto-Magique Inc. - Enterprise Network

This involves enterprise, our abilty to conduct communications, commerce and the make it happen ability to be productive and profitable. This includes secure supply lines and secure communication systems, technology and freedom. The existing system is mainstream, but it is the status quo, inherently vulnerable to a single or multiple points of attact. We need to keep enterprise rolling, productive, agile, competent, dynamic, connected, private, secure, failsafe and extremely robust and resilient to go forward.

Many people are not aware of the problems we present here, or the simplicity and infinite power of options available. If you knew what we know and are aware of, you might understand and have that awareness a lot better, to not procrastinate or to make excuses, but to go froward with priorities, values and decisions based on relevant choices and extremely good intel that gives you the ultimate strategic, operational and tactical advantage.

Executive decisions, management decisions, people in the front lines, those engaged in trench warfare, intel and awareness, goes beyond possibility waves and probability curves, it can create or destroy, succeed at mission tasking or fail in more ways that we can imagine, or experience the unachieved expectations, or suffer from setback, delays or a compromised infrastructure or anything else that is detrimental to the enterprise and people that work to transform thought into reality.

We realize and believe it is infinitely better to do something than nothing, certainly better to try and fail rather than succeed at doing nothing. Instead of trying, we continue to work at it, fortitude, resolution, tenacity, brilliant technical genius and breakthroughs, the kind with the escape velocity to leave behind the world of problems, all those things engineering against you, the individual and enterprise.