Crypto-Magique Inc. - Status Quo - hmmmm

The Status Quo is generally but not always

1) obsolete, stupid and backwards,

2) risky, controlled and limited, usually has

3) no real ownership, voting and control options, almost certainly

4) no editing freedom of speech, independence and freedom options,

5) usually does not permit, enable augment, create or amplify : individual creative imagination, virtually unlimited human potential, nation building endeavours

6) did not invent or use the Alternate Reality Creation Engine,

7) is more concerned about: what is, control and conform, limited choices, monopoly or getting re-elected, offering choice that is not relevant, empowering or awesome, restricting new competitors, advanced products, technology or process in the market, enforcing the status quo, making your life difficult or vulnerable to serious problems and flaws and threats in the status quo operating system…and oh yeah,

8) people engaged in crime, treason, genocide and war instead of Peace, Order and Good Government…

You did not expect that, did you? See, go beyond the program, looky looky.

This is not complete or by any means an exhaustive definition, but will be expanded in detail at some time…