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Research and Development – Investment and Acquisition :

C5+ technology: computers, communication, command, control and cryptography;
C5+ protocol: a resilient network with a recoverable infrastructure that can survive multiple
points of failure from threats and attacks from multiple opponents in electronic, industrial, economic, cataclysmic, national, geo, exo-political, peace and war vector scenarios;
encryption software, hardware, algorithms and the Goddess of Cryptography;
open source projects and technology – computers, hardware and equipment;
information storage, processing, retrieval, useful intel in a nutshell;
microchip, CPU, integrated circuit topography, transistors and associated technology;
GPU-graphics processing unit, VPU-visual processing unit;
3D graphics and solids processing and manufacturing;
electro-optical and multi-phase engineering transducer technology and phenomena;
signature and signal processing, recognition and projection technology;
energy field engineering and augmentation technology;
remote device and entity telemetry and communication technology;
visual, colour, acoustic and particle wave technology;
subliminal technology, research, development, decoding, microwave control signals;
artistic retro-rendition, symbol recognition and speculative assessment;
time distortion, atmospheric phenomena and energy field technology;
language and glyph technology, psychometric, reverse and forward engineering;
experimental and applied meta, particle and multi-dimensional physics;
astral time travel, archeo-astronomy, advanced civilization and non-local research;
psychotronic, material and shape technology, alien artifact, space science projects;
crystal, mineral, geometric and faceted structures and technology;
geo, bio and electro-magnetic, metaphysics and energy technology;
metal, mineral, matrix and geo materials, casting and rapid prototyping;
polymorphic materials and processing technology;
investment and acquisitions, development and deployment;
corporate, securities and transaction management, augment jurisdiction;
call centre, mail and communications forwarding, augment entity;
buying group, cheque cashing, money management, augment transactions;
hard currency, precious metals, materials, minerals, polymer instruments;
public and private liquid and solid asset management;
stealth, radar telemetry, communications, command and control;
private trustee, ownership, control and voting agreements;
EMP, solar flare, cataclysm proof and other technology;
pro-active research, development, deployment and counter-measures;
the news behind the news, meta analysis, counter-measures;
target tracking, data field analysis, observation, reconnaissance and miscellaneous;
poutine, cheese, organic food, alternative health and micro breweries;
Industrial buildings, machinery, infrastructure and advanced manufacturing;
stealth, omni-directional antennae arrays and communication systems...
faith, family, freedom, free enterprise, the individual, creative imagination...
private property, defence technology, nation state sovereignty, debt free national currency...

These are mostly individual initiatives, joint ventures, business combinations and co-development.

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CMI - Research & Development - Investment & Acquisition

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